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Shri Girish Dutta VishwkarmaMRKashyapgdutta299@gmail.com09713357143I am married & age 35, my wife name is smt.Uusha Vishwkarma. We have a child whose name is Shrijan Vishwkarma, he is 12 year old & studying in 7th class. wife is post graduate with art sub & now she is housewife. Family mothers smt. Savitry Devi caring us & my younger brother Devendra Kashyap Vishwkarma live at bhopal with his own family, he is a govt. employee working as teacher in central school, his wife smt. Ponam Vishwkarma also doing private job & my brother has a cute 4 year old daughter. We are by birth belonging to Baikona Village but now we have shifted at wealthy gramm distt.umariya.Shrijan Villa, Behind of Sharda Kabadi, Chaman Chowk,Gghurdang, SatnaGirish Dutta Vishwakarma